Saturday, January 27, 2007

if you didnt see this.

this hat was the first of its kind,trying to up the ante a bit this hat was inspired by the nike tear away features a chopstick outer layer that tears away to sushi roll print inards it is 3 layers so the sushi print is not seeing from the inside of the hat. A novel concept that was executed well. We only made 56 of these and only 48 of them were retailed through and fitted hawaii( . why you ask?cause we can.Below is a little story of the cat!!

The story of Usugumo, one of the famous and accomplished women of Yoshiwara, explains the origin of this charm cat. In an attempt to warn Usogumo of a big snake on the ceiling, her favorite cat followed her nervously pointing her middle paw up and pulling eagerly at her dress. The cat's persistence and ill mannered gesture angered Usogumo's attendant, who drew his sword and killed it. The cat's severed head then flew to the ceiling and killed the threatening snake.To alleviate Usogumo's grief over the cat's death, a master artist carved its replica out of imported aloes wood. The carved cat became very famous, and became the first "maneki neko."