Monday, March 24, 2008

Tailgate Alaska

THOMPSON PASS, AK. Our good friends over at MTNOPS bring an event unlike any other. There will be no winners and the only losers will be those that do not attend. This is a tailgate party, snowboard style, deep in the Chugach Range of Alaska.
This is TAILGATE ALASKA. Witness the world's most legendary terrain and the world's most legendary riders face off again this spring to push the limits of what man and snowboard can accomplish.
For the more adventurous, TAILGATE ALASKA welcomes all comers with free WiFi hub, a warming shelter, and entertainment courtesy of Olympic, US Open and Vans DJ, DJ Smoky. If that isn’t enough, come gorge yourself on food and beer and hang out with some of the largest legends in the sport.

From April 1st-10th the MTNOPS crew will produce a live, interactive webcast hosted by Nick Perata, giving an in depth look into a riders personal contest with the mountains and the party that follows.

.Tailgate Alaska