Thursday, April 9, 2009

Simply Bread Series 2

Australia represent!!

Guerrilla tactics are based on ambush and sabotage, and their ultimate objective is usually to destabilize and authority through long, low-intensity confrontation. It can be very successful against an unpopular foreign regime.

Simply Bread is a 12 Month project that captures the essence of the street culture, moulding music, toys, art, design and fashion in a cool/fresh atmosphere. Their aim is to help celebrate the guerrilla lifestyle we love to ultimately become the hub of inspiration and assistance for all brands, creators, toys and collectors.

Street Fashion has been a big influence in many of todays youth oriented fashion and Simply Bread Series 2 (The Designer Fashion series) is here to celebrate its originality and influence. This series features Lafayette (Japan), Orisure (California), Estate(LA), and Garbage (NY). There will also be a freshest Tshirt competition and the winner will walk away with a prize pack worth $500!!

If your in the Melbourne area on Friday APRIL 17th, 2009, You need to be at this party. This is a party to unite people alike display brands products and chances to win free product from all the Sponsors, so if your in AU make it out to this party as it will be one NOT to be missed!!

Date: 17th APRIL 2009
Where: Roxanne Parlour. Level 3, 2 Coverlid Place
Time: 10:30PM
DJ's: B. Two (2008 DMC Champion), A-Style (2007 DMC Champion) & Mafia

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Simply Bread Series 2 (Designer Street Fashion) from Fat Kids on Vimeo.

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